Challenge Cup Rules

West Middlesex Youth Soccer League Challenge Cup Tournament

***Preliminary qualifying games are same duration as the regular season games. ***

***No Call Ups for either qualifying game or during C.C. weekend***

***During preliminary qualifying games, no overtime, goes straight to shoot-outs***


The following rules:

  1. All players and teams must have and show the registered players cards in alphabetical order as per the team list sent out by Western Counties.
  2. Coach(es) or a team representative must sign in at Head Quarters 30 minutes prior to their first game. They must have with them a game sheet filled out with the team listed in the exact order as the team list – alphabetical as per the team list sent out by Western Counties. Press hard so that it goes through all three copies.
  3. On CC weekend, the game lengths are as follows:

          c-1   U9 girls and boys - 20 minutes halves
          c-2   U11 girls and boys – 25 minute halves
          c-3   U13 girls and boys - 30 minutes halves
          c-4   U15 – U18 girls and boys – 35 minute halves

  4. There will be no warm ups on the field. Do them off the fields before your game.
  5. A completed game sheet must be handed to the referee by both teams prior to the start of each game. The white copy of the game sheet is used for the first game, the yellow copy of the game sheet is used for the second game and the pink copy is used for the third game.
  6. If a player receives two yellow cards in one game, it is the same as receiving a red card. A player who received a red card is immediately suspended for the remainder of the tournament.
  7. In the event of a tie, the game will be decided by the penalty kicks.
  8. Each team will select 5 players and a goalie from the players who were on the field at the end of the game. (Players must stay on the field).
  9. Rotate 5 players until all 5 players have shot. Winner will be decided by the most goals.
  10. If the game is still tied, the remaining 6 players on the field for each team rotate until a winner is determined by a Golden Goal.
  11. Goalkeepers receiving the kicks will remain in goal throughout the penalty kick process and may be substituted only if he/she is injured. Goalies are allowed to be a kicker.
  12. In the event of conflict in a team colours, Away team must change shirts or wear pinnies.
  13. Protest may only be filed by a team coach. The protest must be in writing signed and delivered with a fee of $50.00 cash only to the Tournament Co-Ordinator within 30 minutes of the final whistle of the game in question. The decision of the Tournament Co-Ordinators shall be final.
  14. All teams must report after their final game to the headquarters to receive their Participation Awards.
  15. In the event of severe weather conditions, as decided upon by the referee, the rain date for C.C. will be the next day.


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