Rules And By-Laws

The League Rules and By-Laws shall be in effect upon the conclusion of the regular meeting in January.

These rules are modifications to the FIFA Laws of the Games.

The League Rules and By-Laws may be amended, repealed or re-enacted at any meeting by a majority vote, provided the amendment is received twenty-one (21) days prior to the meeting or such notice is waived by a two-thirds (2/3) vote at a meeting.
Upon the adoption of these Rules and By-Laws all previous Rules and By-Laws are repealed both the repeal shall not effect the validity of any appointment made or things done under the authority thereof.


1a Wherever the word LEAGUE is used, it shall mean:




2a All teams playing in the WMYSL and Challenge Cup must be duly registered and insured with the League  and under no financial obligation to the League no later than April 30th. A copy of the Registration form must be given to the League Registrar. Payment in full for those players being registered must be made at that time. No registration will be accepted without payment.

2b The Official League closing date for registration and roster adjustments shall be June 30th of the current year.

2c Any exceptions to sub-paras (a) and (b) will require the consent of the Executive.

2d Any clubs that register a team and subsequently folds that team after the final schedule has been issued may be subject to a fine of $250.00. This would be tabled at the next meeting for discussing and voting on should the club be able to prove any extraordinary circumstances relating to this happening.


3a In any one year, the League may operate age divisions from 9 and Under through 18 and Under.

3b The Leagues reserves the right to amend and modify the age groups as necessary at the first meeting of the year or at the discretion of the executive. This will ensure good representation of teams in any one division.

3c Notification of the divisions and the years of birth associated with the division will be given to the Clubs.

3d A player may be registered in any age division provided he/she has not yet reached the stipulated age before the 1st of January in the current playing year.

3e Each team in each division will be identified by a distinctive Team Name, not Team 1…Team 2.

3f The League reserves the right to allow overage players on certain teams each season. If a Club wishes to have an overage player on one of their teams, then the Club must present their request at a League meeting, and explain why they are making the request.


4a A maximum of thirty (30) players may be registered to a team and participate in any one game. A minimum of seven (7) players are required to play a game.


5a Players may only be called up from a lower division to dress a maximum of fourteen (14) players at any one game. A player can be called up unlimited times. No trial players are allowed in Play-off or Challenge Cup games unless they are registered in both divisions. 

5b No team shall bring up players of a different gender as trial players where the Club involved has an older age division of the gender. (For example, a U-11 girl can not be used as a trial player for a U-13 boys team if the Club involved has a U-13 girls team.)

5c Players from one age group can not be used as trial players on another team in the same age group.


6a All games shall be played under the Laws in accordance with the Rules of the Canadian Soccer Association, and Ontario Soccer Association unless otherwise designated within these Rules and By-Laws.


7a The duration of games shall be two (2) equal halves as outlined below for each age group.

10 and Under                                 30 Minute Halves

12 and Under                                 35 Minute Halves

14 and Under                                 40 Minute Halves

16 and Under - 18 and under           45 Minute Halves

Games will start at 6:45 PM. There will be a five (5) minute break between halves for all divisions and no overtime in regular league games.

7b All games must start promptly and not later than fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start time.

7c Failure to field a team fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start time will result in the default of the game (ARTICLE 12). This rule will be enforced by the referee who will report any breach to the League Scheduler.

7d If time is limited, two (2) equal halves shall be played.

7e The referee shall be the official time keeper as outlined in the Laws of Soccer.

7f A game must have reached the three-quarter (3/4) mark to be final. If stopped prior to the three-quarter (3/4) mark, determined by the referee, the game shall be replayed in its entirety.

7g The Executive reserves the right to waive paragraph 7f upon review of the reason for stoppage.

7h On hot days, if agreed prior to the game, adequate water breaks will be allowed at the discretion of any of the coaches or referees.

7i. All teams will shake hands after the soccer game commences.


8a The Home Team shall provide the match ball which shall be properly inflated and conform to the size stipulated below:
SIZE 4             9 and Under through 12 and Under

SIZE 5             13 and Under through 18 and Under

8b Nets and corner flags are to be installed by the Home Team and in good order fifteen (15) minutes prior to the playing time. Lines must be clearly visible and there must be no dangerous obstruction to play, including grass over 5 in length.

8c The referee, in the case of total or partial contravention of paragraph 8b, will give the Home Team fifteen (15) minutes to correct the situation. Failure to correct the situation will result in default of the game by the Home Team and the Home Club will be fined $25.00.

8d All players must wear shin guards and have their shirts tucked into their shorts. Further, thermal pants (cyclist pants, tights) can be worn provided they are the same colour as the uniform shorts and they do not extend below the knees.

8e Each Club shall register its colours at the January meeting.

8f Each Club shall registers its playing fields and provide field location maps at the March meeting.

8g All Teams must play in their registered colours and uniforms except the goalkeeper, who shall wear a distinguishing colour.

8h All sweaters in registered colours must have different numbers, at least six (6) inches high on the back of the sweater.


9a Players may be substituted at the following times

-at half time -when a goal is score.

-at a goal kick

-in case of an injury – injured person only

-at a throw-in, when the team with possession of the ball calls for a substitution, both teams may substitute.


10a All players are recommended to play at least fifty (50) percent of the game time.



11a Any team defaulting a game shall automatically be deemed to have lost that game by a score of 1-0. Such defaulting team will also be liable for any expenses incurred because of the default and will also be liable for further punishment by the League. Non-payment will be subject to disciplinary action by the League. There will be a fine of $50 to the club which has defaulted.



12a Should any team drop out of the League, all games played by that team shall be declared null and void in the League standings, if less than fifty (50) percent of the games have been played.

12b If more than fifty (50) percent of the games have been played, the balance of the games shall be given to the opposition as defaults and a fine of $250.00.



13a Should two (2) teams or more finish with an equal number of points in the League standings at the completion of the regular schedule, the following rules will apply

1) Numbers of points
2) Total number of wins
3) Head to head
4) Most ties
5) Most goal differential
6) Most goal For
7) Least goal Against

14b  5 goal differential will apply.



14a Every team shall provide to the scheduled Referee, a Game Sheet in triplicate, fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the game. The names of the players and their numbers must be listed clearly. Failure to produce a Game Sheet will result in a twenty-five (25) dollar fine being levied to the offending club. (Reference Appendix 2, GAME SHEET)

14b Upon completion of the game, the top (white- original) copy of each game sheet is to be collected by the Home club from the home club referee. These copies will be brought to each meeting and given to the statistician for review. Any cautions and or ejections are forwarded to the Director at Large in accordance with Article 17, sub article 17g. Copies of the Game Sheets must be retained until the Final League Standings have been confirmed by the League.
The second (yellow- duplicate) copy of each game sheet will be given to the Visiting team coach.
The third (pink- triplicate) copy of each game sheet will be retained by the Home team coach.Ensure that the final score is clearly marked, and the game sheet is signed by the scheduled referee.ARTICLE



15a Referees must carry a current validated Referee Card, and must be properly attired in a referee uniform. If a referee is not properly attired, the issue is to be raised at the next League meeting and dealt with accordingly.

15b In all games the Referee shall be appointed by the Home Team unless the League is in charge of the game such as Challenge Cup and they must be two years older than they are refereeing.

15c Home Clubs failing to provide a currently validated referee will be subject to a $25.00 fine.

15d In the case of the referee not showing up, teams may mutually decide on a person to officiate the game. If such a decision is made, no protests or appeals will be heard by the League against that person. If such a decision is made, then Article 17a does not apply.

15e In the case no one is agreed upon, the visiting coach may refuse to play the game and ask for the game to be rescheduled, the Visiting team will become the Home team. The referee fees shall be paid by the Club that was responsible for the original default.

15f Referees will call the coaches and teams to the centre of the field to show player cards. Other than that action, Referees are not involved in the player card check process and can not force a coach to show cards. If a problem with a player card develops, the referee can only advise both coaches why the game is being played ``under protest``, and so noted on the game sheets.

15g All misconduct reports shall be forwarded immediately within twenty-four (24) hours of the game to the League Director at Large. These shall be reported by the coaches and league representative to ensure that all offences are being reported. See Appendix 3

15h All referees are to have knowledge of and observe all League Rules and By-Laws herein.

15h To file a complaint against a referee, you write to the League Director at Large stating game night, location played, teams played, age division, referees name and why you feel the referee was unfair- Conduct or Law Discrepancy.

15i. Whenever possible, spectators are to be sitting on the opposite side of the field from the team benches.



16a All players must be on the game sheet of a West Middlesex Youth Soccer League.


17a Any team found guilty of playing an ineligible player will automatically default the games in which the player was involved.

17b In addition, the offending Club, if proven to have knowledge of the fact, should be fined $50 per game payable to the League. Non-payment will subject the Club to disciplinary action.

17c Players that have been registered in a Competitive League shall not be allowed to participate in the WMYSL during the same season.



18a Any player dismissed from a game by the Referee will automatically receive a one (1) game suspension, and will sit out the next regularly scheduled game that his/her team plays.



19a Any player accumulating three (3) cautions during the season will automatically receive a one (1) game suspension, and will sit out the next regularly scheduled game that his/her team plays.

19b A ZERO TOLERANCE policy on violence or dissent has been adopted by this League. This appears as the League Code of Conduct. Coaches or entire teams found to be severely (or repeatedly) violate this policy will face sanctions by the League including fines and/or dismissal from the League for future games and the subsequent season.



20a All protests and disputes under the jurisdiction of the League shall be dealt with by the League Executive.

20b All protests must be submitted in writing to the League Secretary or President and be accompanied with a fee fifty (50) dollars in form of cash or money order. The protest fee will be refunded in cases where the protest is upheld.

20c Such protests shall be mailed or emailed within forty-eight (48) hours of the date of the protested game (excluding Holidays and Sundays). The date of the postmark will be taken as the limited date in all cases.

20d A copy of the written protest must also be mailed to the opposing coach within the same time limitation.

20e The decisions of the League Executive are binding, but may be subject to appeal to the Association. The Executive report of the dispute and the decision must be submitted in writing to the disputing parties within a reasonable time.

20f Representative from Clubs having jurisdiction over the two teams involved in the protest or dispute can be involved in the debate but cannot be involved in the final decision of the case.

20g Sanction which may include loss of game shall be at the discretion of the League Executive.

20h Any protests which are not submitted in compliance with all the above regulations will be ruled out of order and will not be heard.


21a All player and team appeals to the Association are subject to Association regulations, however, any League disciplinary decisions shall remain in force until the Association appeal hearing.



22a All notices served by the League shall be served by the League Secretary via the mail or email to the last known address of the person(s) for whom the notice is intended, with a copy to the Club Representatives.



23a Games can only be cancelled for the reason of bad weather at the discretion of the referee prior to the start of the game. If the game is cancelled by the Referee, the Home Coach will contact the League Scheduler so that the game can be rescheduled if necessary.

23b Unplayable field condition caused by the weather, the home team club must inform the league and opposing club by 4:30pm of the game day.



26a All matters not provided for in these Rules and By-Laws shall be decided in accordance with the Constitution of  the WMYSL or the Laws of Soccer. Such matters will be discussed and voted on at the Executive or League Meetings.



25a The game scores must be reported by both teams within 48 hours of the scheduled game. 

25b The scheduled games that are not to be played for any reason, the home team is to report to the league scheduler for rescheduling or not.

25c Failure to report the scores within 48 hours will result in a Ten (10) dollar fine being levied to the offending club. Any games not reported will be defaulted for the non-reporting teams and considered a loss for the non-reporting teams (this also goes for tied games).



26a All clubs playing in WMYSL will provide a performance bond at the April meeting in the amount of $200.00. Fines and other fees- as determined at league meetings will be deducted from the performance bond monies (after a successful motion in favour) at a duly constituted League meeting. League fees will not be deducted from this bond.

26b The bond must be topped up to the $200.00 level by a Club playing in the WMYSL if the remaining balance falls below $100.00. The bond money will be placed in a separate account in trust.




27a The league will start on the second Monday in May of each year. The regular season will be completed by the 3rd Friday in August of each year regardless of the number of teams in each division.

27b Each team must play the equal number of games in their respective divisions.

27c A schedule will be issued by the 1st Thursday in April. This will allow for any amendments in advance of the final schedule. The schedule will be in place by the 3rd Thursday in April and will be posted on the website by the 4th Thursday in April. The Executive has the right to reject any schedule that does not meet these stipulations.

27d No games to be scheduled on Statutory holidays during the regular season.

29e No postponements of games will be permitted without the consent of the League. For any games to be rescheduled, teams must give notification with valid reason to the league Scheduler at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled date. Any unauthorized games played will be voided. No games shall be rescheduled after June 15th except weather related reasons or extreme circumstances.



Away teams are to wear pinnies if there is a uniform colour conflict.

Amended - September. 2015

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